Ihab K. Dimian

RPh., BSc. Pharm, MBA
Founder and CEO                                                                                                                                 
OSCE Program Director

Ihab is a marketing and sales expert, who holds 18 years of experience, working at 3 of the top 10 multinational pharmaceutical corporations. He led teams & operations across several continents and countries, ranging from the United States and Canada, and extending up to Europe and the Middle East regions.

Ihab has trained more than 700+ students to date and helped them achieve their goals successfully. His passion for training and tutoring coupled with his advanced communication skills enabled him to simplify complicated subjects and allow his candidates to achieve successful results, smartly! He is a registered pharmacist in both provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. Ihab is a seasoned soccer and chess player.

     Anahita Shishechi

RPh., BSc. PharmD

MCQ & Evaluating Program Director

Anahita is a bilingual professional pharmacist with years of experience in providing quality patient-
focused care and comprehensive pharmaceutical services including specialty pharmacy who got her
PharmD degree from Azad University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Iran.
Her Strong communication and business development skills as well as endless passion for tutoring
enabled her to pursue her everlasting dream of coaching students.
She is soon-to-be a registered pharmacist and holds multiple certifications namely injection, Methadone
and buprenorphine treatment, smoking cessation and essential cannabis knowledge for pharmacists.
Anahita is an avid tennis player and athletic sports fan enjoying reading self-help and personal-
development books in her free time. She enjoys simplifying complex concepts and delivering information in a concise manner.

Ola Younes
RPh. , BSc. Pharm
MCQ & Evaluating Program Director

Ola received her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science from
Alexandria University, Egypt. She has completed the International Pharmacy Graduate
(IPG) program at University of Toronto. She is currently a registered pharmacist with the
Ontario College of Pharmacists.

Ola is an experienced compounding pharmacist and also injection certified in Ontario. She has completed many certification programs including Essential Cannabis Knowledge, Methadone Dispensing, Application of NAPRA Non-Sterile Compounding and USP Non-Sterile Pharmaceutical Compounding. She is eager to broaden her knowledge and acquire new skills in the pharmaceutical field especially leveraging her remarkable interpersonal communication skills to guide
new candidates through the interesting process of evaluating their license.

Hala Bastawros

TESL Ontario certified, IELTS trainer, and MA TESOL IELTS/TOEFL/MELAB – Course Director

A proficient language instructor with over than ten years of extensive professional experience in researching, designing, planning, teaching, e-portfolio, webinar delivery, and facilitating training programs to a diverse population.

Currently, a LINC teacher for Workplace English class for Internationally trained professionals. Hala has trained 200+ candidates with their language test preparation and achieved > 95% success rate.

Bassem Toeama

MD, Ph.D. – LMCC and ECFMG Licensing Exams Program Director

Bassem graduated in medicine and has worked in clinical medicine over the past 20 years. He is LMCC and ECFMG certified and holds an academic mindset with an eminent publication track record and world-class credentials in Internal Medicine, Experimental Therapeutics, and Experimental Medicine.

He is an alumnus of Cairo University, Egypt, University of Oxford, UK, and McGill University, Canada. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Health Technology Assessment at the University of Toronto, Canada and his areas of research include Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology, Epidemiology, Pharmacovigilance, Translational Medicine, and Health Technology Assessment.

Bassem is a registered Canadian instructor and curriculum developer with experience in designing, teaching, and facilitating diverse medical training programs. His comprehensive tutoring skills have helped candidates understand their curricula, apply their acquired knowledge to the Canadian healthcare system based clinical case scenarios, and ace their licensing exams.

Amal Youssef

MD, MSc. – LMCC Licensing Exams Program Director

Amal holds a masters degree in Paediatrics from Cairo University and she is a registered physician in the medical council of Canada.

Amal is currently a certified instructor for the Canadian Red Cross. Her strong academic background, clinical training and professional experience, in addition to her great passion to teach makes her an effective instructor. She is not only fired up for teaching but She also excel in passing information to students using different methodologies.

Amal had several teaching experiences tutoring international medical graduates who applied for the Canadian license exam. The higher rate of her students passing the exam and the positive feedback she is receiving makes her a great addition to our team.

Mary Abou Hamad

BSc., PharmD
MCQ & Evaluating Program Director

Mary was graduated from Lebanese American University, Lebanon with a PharmD degree. Acquired strong knowledge in medication therapy management and patient counseling through diverse rotations at Methodist Hospital, Houston during the PharmD year. Passionate about therapeutics and patient education, aims to grow professionally in academia along with community pharmacy practice.

  Emad R. Missak

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).                                                      

An experienced regulated Canadian immigration consultant specialized in the federal and provincial immigration programs, family reunification, temporary visit and study visa, startup visa, entrepreneurs, refugee cases for UNHCR applicants and from within Canada.



Trilingual (English/French/Arabic) high school tutor passionate about helping students excel academically. Well-organized, focused and diligent about exploring concepts with diverse strategies to maximize understanding.

Result and performance oriented tutor, successful at raising student grades across all subjects and with special unique skills in boosting his students’ scores in Biology & Chemistry subjects, hence preparing them for Medical, Dentistry & Pharmacy Schools admission, with confidence.  Dr. Wael is adaptable, resourceful, and hardworking professional with excellent time management and communication skills. He helped students achieve 90+ on the (IB), (AP) & preparation courses for university admission exams and increased student’s grades average by 50%. Capable of private tutoring and of handling large groups of students

A strong motivator who is able to enhance the psychological side of students which helps them to improve their capacity to learn and get higher grades. Having a pharmaceutical background is considered a pillar in his ability to ensure the deep knowledge & understanding for the scientific explanation of the concepts he teaches.