Wide Portfolio Range

Edge Plus offers a wide portfolio range of courses for pharmacists: Evaluation (EE), Qualifying part- I (MCQ) & qualifying part – II (OSCE) and for Medical Doctors (MDs); MCCQE Part I (MCQ and Clinical Decision Making) & MCCQE Part II / NAC-OSCE, coupled with innovative question banks and video library, conducted by its group of professional instructors who comprise the right balance between knowledge, communication, and professional judgment.

Best-in-Class Pharmacy & MDs Prep. Programs for the Canadian Board Exams

Edge Plus dedicates its full passion, time and expertise with international pharmacy and medical school graduates to prepare them properly to pass their board exams from the first attempt. This requires some smart approaches with extensive practice on real-life case studies, updated question banks to put them in the right mindset for the exam“big day”. Edge Plus well-articulated programs have proven high value in helping candidates achieve their desired end goal i.e. SUCCESS

Advanced Communication & Interviewing  Skills

Edge Plus is specialized in providing advanced communication & interviewing skills courses for candidates seeking jobs in the local market and has launched a new course for teens 16+ seeking volunteering and Co-op. opportunities.

Edge Plus run as well tailor made courses to employers to get them acquainted with and trained on the most updated skills & techniques for interviewing, in order to ensure highly efficient recruitment process with minimal turnovers, hence saving the origination thousands of dollars.

Core Competencies

Edge Plus Board members are characterized by three core competencies; integrity, creative thinking, and effective communication; hence supporting candidates to have the most individualized, outcome-based and result-driven successful plans in place.

Learn The Know-How

Edge Plus programs are designed to satisfy different learning and developmental needs with special focus on acquiring the “know how” of preparing professionally and passing successfully the Canadian board exams for the two segments; pharmacists and MDs.

Edge Plus uses modern education and training models that cope with the blue prints of the Canadian pharmacy and medicine examining boards, that are geared around stimulation the candidates’ thinking capabilities, triggering their skills to practice and think out of the box and exposing them to all kind of practical case studies and innovative question bank to prepare them to practice as per the Canadian market high quality standards and with full confidence.