A real life OSCE

simulation mock

2 DIFFERENT MOCKS on the 4th week of Sept. & 4th week of Oct. 2018

​​​NEW in-class & online courses starting on the weeks of; July 9th, 16th, 23rd, Aug 6th,13th, 20th Sept 10th & 24th
Cost: $1'475

was: 2'225 + HST

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   Interactive class           Nov. 2nd 2018                 

 7 full days 

OSCE Courses

50+ NEW cases

  Quick Win+ Mock

Cost: 1'550$ + HST

NEW in-class & online courses starting on the weeks of July 16th & 23rd, Aug.6th & 20th. Sept  24th & Oct 8th - 2018
Cost: $1'350
+ HST 

 Interactive class 

          Nov 1st ,2018              

  Success Booster+ Mock

 3 full days



OSCE is different !! Yes, it is a completely different experience than any other exam we’re used to throughout our academic and practical life. OSCE requires special practice and unique preparation with everyday new case scenarios, challenging ideas and unique situations that require sound decision making. OSCE fundamental skills, such as problem-solving, advanced communication skills, time management, retrieving information, coping with stress, are a few of many core competencies you need to master before approaching the exam day.  

Many candidates struggle to find the right coach to guide them throughout their study maneuver, hence, they might be wasting their time and money in adapting to poor approaches and outdated techniques or using repeated cases & canned ideas!! Don't take a chance !! It's critical to choose the right company and the right instructors from the start. 


  Passionate for Success+ Mock

7-day package comprises

  1. Patient counseling

  2. Patient education

  3. DTP identification,

  4. Communication and management

  5. OTC product recommendation

  6. Ethical, legal and professional aspects

  7. Interaction with other Health Care Professionals

  8. Non-interactive scenarios

Program outline: NEW - In-class & Online
OSCE mock - Your Success Formula!

          Interactive class                   Oct 30th,  2018


Combo Course

 ULTIMA OSCE Program + 2 Mocks

Quick win


for Success


was:1'750 $ + HST

Timed Role plays on different OSCE type scenarios including

3-day package comprises

Cost: 1'150$ + HST

Cost: 375$ + HST

Success Formula-I - Sunday, September 30th

​​ Success Formula-II - Sunday, October 21st

This is the LAST CHANCE before the big day for candidates living abroad and coming just to write the exam 

   Interactive class           Nov. 6th 2018                 

​​Each group will be exposed to

                   YES GUARANTEED!

Highest number of UNREPEATED cases across similar courses!

Simulates OSCE big day, with

seasoned assessors and

professional STPs

Edge Plus assessors have coached and evaluated hundreds of candidates in similar set-up. The 'Success Formula' mocks are critical milestones in the roadmap for success. Don't miss this opportunity! Limited spots available.

    Book your spot NOW!  cost /mock   

Cost: 1'665 $ + HST

5-day package comprises

Program outline:
Program outline:

of extensive practice and workshops
+ mid-term and final assessment 

Comprehensive presentations/workshops

to cover the following topics:

  1. “Ask the Experts”

  2. “Fully Solved vs. Partially Solved Problem”
  3. “OSCE Common Traps”
  4. “The Big Day and How to Approach”

NEW in-class & online courses starting
on the weeks of; Oct.8th,15th, 22nd & 29th -  2018
Cost: $999 
+ HST 

Cost: 1'999 $ + HST

Same outline as the ‘Success Booster’

but more condensed 

Tel: +1.289 242 9199
Email: info@edgeplus.ca

 5 full days

OSCE PEBC Preparation courses

of extensive practice and workshops
+ mid-term and final assessment


of extensive practice and workshops
+ mid-term and final assessment 

Same outline as the

‘Passionate for success’

but more condensed 

100+ NEW cases

          ONE DAY OSCE CrashCourse

              LAST REVISION FOR Nov. 2018 OSCE EXAM                                   Book your spot NOW !

                               Cost/DAY: 175$ 

was:1'850 $ + HST


was:1'375$ + HST

75+ NEW cases