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Kareem Nossier, RPh, BSc, 
Evaluation Program Director 

Kareem was graduated from Sunderland University in England UK. He specializes in education, lecturing and has extensive skills in exam preparation techniques. Kareem has a passion to simplify sophisticated concepts and delivering information clearly and efficiently, stimulating candidates' thinking capabilities to analyze, interpret and solve  case studies more efficiently and accurately.

Kareem has a strong acquired skill in helping to promote candidate’s professional judgment skills that are essential for passing the Canadian board exams. Kareem specializes in helping students to achieve a clear understanding in the competencies which are examined, but also in acquiring the needed skills to analyze and approach the exam. He is one of the lead lecturers in the Evaluation course for Edge Plus.


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Magda Samir; B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Evaluation & MCQ Program Director 

Magda has graduated from the School of Pharmacy in Egypt and completed successfully her M.Sc. & Ph.D degrees in Pharmaceutical Science, with many publications in imminent international scientific journals. She holds extensive academic credentials and substantial experience in tutoring students in the fields of pharmaceutical science & chemistry fields. This has prepared her very well for this new role.

Her attention to details and passion to teach will help significantly her students and future fellow pharmacists to achieve their success goals. Magda’s passion to continuous research has empowered her capabilities to simplify complicated scientific topics and deliver information smoothly and efficiently. 


Ihab K. Dimian, RPh, BScPhm, MBA
President and OSCE / Interviewing Program Director

​Ihab is a marketing and sales expert, who holds 18 years of experience, working at 3 of the top 10 multinational pharmaceutical corporations. He led teams & operations across several continents and countries, ranging from the United States and Canada, and extending up to Europe and the Middle East regions.

Ihab has trained more than 500+ students to date and helped them achieve their goals successfully. His passion for training and tutoring coupled with his advanced communication skills enabled him to simplify complicated subjects and allow his candidates to achieve successful results, smartly! He is a registered pharmacist in both provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. Ihab is a seasoned soccer and chess player.

Nermine Botros,  
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant 

​​Nermine  is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in Canada, a member in good standing with the regulatory body of “The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)”. As licensed consultant, she is authorized by the  government to represent clients in various immigration matters.

Nermine has assisted many clients with their immigration applications for permanent residence and citizenship applications, in addition to temporary residence applications such as Work Permits, Student Visas, and Visitor Visa. Nermine is trilingual and is able communicate in English, French and Arabic.

Hala Bastawros,
TESL Ontario certified, IELTS trainer, and MA TESOL
IELTS/TOEFL/MELAB - Course Director

A proficient language instructor with over than ten years of extensive professional experience in researching, designing, planning, teaching, e-portfolio, webinar delivery, and facilitating training programs to a diverse population. Currently, a LINC teacher for Workplace English class for Internationally trained professionals.  Hala has trained 200+ candidates with their language test preparation and achieved > 95% success rate.