​​Interviewing Courses​

Act NOW and learn how to BEST utilize your verbal and non-verbal communication skills and give your self confidence a BOOST!!

Give your

Self Confidence


Cost 199$+HST

The course is designed ideally for:

The right gift for the SWEET 16 BIRTHDAY!

Edge Plus  is proud to launch its market PIONEERING interviewing workshop for TEENS 16+ 'New Me'!

It’s a 1 full day workshop designed to BOOST your self confidence and put you in more in control 

  •  Preparing for new college or university enrollment 
  • Searching for casual jobs to increase their income or applying to volunteering/Co-op. opportunities

Ask us for more details. 

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   The New ME!

‘ I’m in control!’

Reaching the interview stage is a fantastic opportunity that you shouldn't let go easily. It’s a critical milestone that needs proper maneuvering tactics to bring you one step closer to receiving an offer and land on your DREAM job.

Edge Plus will train you on  interviewing SUCCESS RECIPE

​​​a 2 day workshop set up - the several smart techniques to break through the clutter, differentiate yourself, leave an unforgettable impression and outperform other candidates.
The principles and strategies outlined in the course are really SIMPLE but SMART and have proven SUCCESS among a wide range of professions. 

  • New comers to Canada seeking jobs in the challenging market place
  • Job seekers in transition phase

Advanced Selling/Communication Skills course that takes your presentation skills to the next level and enables you to POSITIVELY INFLUENCE your audience and keep them engaged.

It’s a one day workshop comprising the smart tactics for “BEST  IN CLASS” presentation role models and role plays with detailed feedback, tailored to your needs in order to make a real impact on your career

Cost 139$+HST

The course is designed ideally for:

Cost 275$+HST

  The Smart fit!

Communication & Presentation Skills 

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